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Daphne has been devoted to the design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales of bedding sets for over 21 years. We highly focus on people’s health and sleep quality and keep developing new products. Up to now, our main product lines include quilts and pillows, kids bedding set, solid color bedding, microfibre bedding set, jacquard bedding set, and print bedding set.

We adopt reactive printing dyes only and there are no toxic chemicals like formaldehyde inside. All the products are guaranteed to be no fluorescent agents, which are totally healthy for people. The dyes for manufacturing the products are natural and produce no odor. We adopt microfiber fabrics or cloth as the main materials so that our products are of good touch and make people feel comfortable. With the performance of good air permeability, the products can make people feel dry and cool during the night. In addition, made by double stitches, they have high tensile strength and are less likely to rip or tear. They can provide the highest level of comfort for users with skin-friendly tenderness.

Daphne has sold our products to Europe, USA, Canada, the Middle East, Singapore, and Southeast Asia and they are widely received by some leading brands like IKEA, HOLA, and Big Lots.

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