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What's the Best Material for Your Bed Linen?


Choosing the right material for your bed linen is a very important task. Factors such as the time of year, weather and personal preference will all come together to aid you in your decision. What is essential is that you choose a highly reputable bed linen manufacturer so that you can be sure that you will be buying quality and comfort.

We believe that the right bed linen will provide you not only with a stylish finish to your bedroom but also with great night sleep. We have a wide range of beautiful bedding in a variety of different materials. As a high quality bed linen manufacturer, we pride ourselves on bringing you quality bedding at an affordable price.

There are pros and cons to different materials of bed linen and depending on your needs will determine which material you opt for.

Cotton Bed Linen

One of the most popular materials made by a bed linen manufacturer is cotton. It is light and breathable and makes for extremely comfortable bedding. It is important to check the thread count of the cotton bedding you are looking to purchase. Generally speaking, if the linen has a higher thread count, it is likely to be of better quality. 

One of the advantages of choosing a cotton bed linen is that cotton is an extremely low maintenance material that lasts very well no matter how many times you wash it. With cotton having the added quality of not absorbing as much dirt and oil, this means that you can get away with washing it less often, should you so choose.

Cotton is an exceptionally breathable material which in turn means that it will keep you cool and will not trap your body heat within the bedding, giving you a much better sleep. This reason makes it an ideal bedding material for warmer weather. 

We have a wide range of cotton bedding on offer including sets such as our 200 thread count printed duvet set and our cotton kids duvet sets. With many different styles to choose from, we are confident that you will find the perfect cotton bedding with us.


Polyester is a man-made material that blends a variety of polymers. It sounds complicated but is a very popular choice every bed linen manufacturer.  If you are looking for a fabric that is long-lasting and extremely durable then polyester may be the choice for you. On top of this, once you have finished with your bedding, it can be recycled and turned into a whole host of other items, so it's very good for the environment.  Polyester is a fabric that will not rip or tear easily, making it an ideal material for children's bedding. It tends to have a shinier finish which makes it look that little bit more luxurious. 

The material is completely machine washable and will not shrink or fade, making it ideal for bedding which will require a lot of cleaning.  One of the major advantages of polyester is that the more you wash and use it, the softer it becomes. It is usually a cheaper option, so for those looking to spend a little less on their bed linen, it may be the ideal solution. We offer many different designs of polyester bed linen including our Jacquard bedspread and our retro design.


Made with brushed fabrics that are super light and comfortable our microfiber range is durable, soft and perfect for use at any time of the year. We pride ourselves as being a reputed bed linen manufacturer who creates quality and value, and our microfiber range delivers well on this promise.

Microfiber bedding is known to be very warm and retains heat well, so for those who like to feel cozy during the night, it is an excellent choice. 

This type of material is extremely durable and will last for a long time. It is quite often very resistant to stains and never creases or wrinkles, eliminating the need for pressing and ironing. 

Microfiber sheets are very affordable and so long-lasting, thus are an excellent choice for your wallet. 


Brushed Cotton

Brushed cotton is a super soft material and is ideal for those cold winter months. We, as an experienced bed linen manufacturer, are using this material and we believe that ours are superior. We offer various styles of brushed cotton bed linens including our special designed bedding set, which is printed in a way that will resist fading, giving you a long-lasting, beautiful piece of bedding.

Brushed cotton is a great insulator at the same time being a very breathable fabric. If you are looking for a particularly cozy fabric, then brushed cotton is a wonderful option.


Percale is a particular type of closely woven fabric which can be made with either cotton or polyester. It is hugely popular. There is a high call for this type of bed linen.

We offer a wide range of colors with our percale bed sheets in a variety of different sizes.

This material is very light and cool to sleep in making it an ideal fabric for the summer months. It is very durable and very easy to wash in your washing machine. 


Lyocell is a man-made fabric that is often used by the bed linen manufacturer. We have a wonderful range of lyocell bed linens including our fresh plant motif bed sheet set and striped design lyocell sheets. 

Lyocell is a very soft fabric that can be given different finishes such a silky or suede depending on the requirements. It is extremely absorbent and is ideal for use in colder weather, but also with its ability to cool can also be used in the summertime too, making it extremely versatile. The fabric is brilliant for people who suffer from alleges because it doesn't contain any toxins in the manufacturing process and is also brilliant for the environment with the techniques used to create it.


Whatever your needs we have the fabric and designs available, as a proud bed linen manufacturer, we are confident that you will find the perfect material for your bed linen and with so many advantages to each of the fabrics, it is a win-win situation.

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