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Traditional Chinese Colors


A TV series has brought Chinese traditional culture back to the sight of modern people.

Clothing, food, shelter and transportation; intangible cultural heritage; calligraphy, paintings and seals; Peking Opera and Kun Opera…all have strong Chinese flavor.

In the past, the pictures and clothes in the palace drama were in bright colors and high color saturation. But the color in this new TV series is soothing and serene which is high-class and pleasing.

Color originates from nature. Through observing the natural scenery of sunrise, sunset and the changing of seasons, Chinese ancestors came to a concept that red, green, yellow, white and black were the five basic colors that constituted the color of the universe.

The ancients determined the five orientations of east, south, west, north and middle according to the five elements of earth, wood, fire, water and gold(the five basic elements that constitute all things in the universe), and established relations with color. By integrating various concepts such as power, philosophy, ethics, religion into the color, a set of color culture system gradually appeared and finally became an important part of Chinese traditional culture.

Clothing, architecture, painting, calligraphy, jade, porcelain, crafts, household furnishings and diet…Chinese traditional colors are abundant which covers a wide range of areas, and different color conveys different thoughts and meanings.

This kind of color style also became the favorite of home textile industry in recent years. Daphne’s designers also used this color style to create new products.

This soft brushed cotton bedding set features branches and leaves on a light grey background.

Comfortable brushed cotton duvet cover set with beautiful floral patterns and decorated with colorful lines on it.

Special printed bedding set features different color leaves patterns on stripe background.

What a beautiful wavy patterned bedding set!

Elegant and sophisticated. This bedding set will give you a comfortable sleep at night.

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