With the joint efforts of our staff, Daphne is able to constantly develop and produce new varieties of quilts and pillows. Check our bed linen videos and watch how Daphne produces high quality bed linen for customers from all over the world now.

We adopt wool, polyester, and cotton as the main materials for manufacturing the products. The fabrics are all made of cotton, making our pillows quilts healthy and comfortable. The cotton fiber has perfect water-absorbing quality, which gives people a soft touch. Cotton fiber is a kind of natural fiber whose main component is cellulose. Being inspected in many aspects, the fabric causes no harm to the skin and has good hygienic performance. In addition, thanks to the cotton fabrics, the products have good heat resistance. Under the normal temperature, they enjoy strong durability and long service life. The products have great resistance to the alkali, which allows them to be washed and disinfected without compromising the quality. As for the filling of the products, polyester is the main material. All the fillings inside are distributed evenly and are not easy to move. The products can withstand the corrosion of various chemicals, like acid and alkali, and are resistant to any mold and insects.

Daphne always sticks to the concept of environmental protection and promises to bring the most comfortable sleep to customers all over the world.

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