At Daphne, microfiber bedding set is a kind of newly-developed product by us. Our microfiber comforter sets are made of brushed fabrics that feature lightweight and durable performance.

We emphasize on superior materials selection for best microfiber comforter sets. 100% of microfiber fabrics are used to offer exceptional softness and comfort for all-year-round usability. Compared with cotton, the microfiber ensures our products to have lasting color retention and present bright and clear patterns for a long time. They won't easily fade if being washed for many times. The quilt adopts a protective intimate design, which can help secure duvet and quilt in an ultra-precise fit. In addition, it has double stitches which enhance strong connections at seams and better strength. The envelope-shaped pillow shams look more enchanting paired with the comforter cover. Besides, the bedding set is constructed from woven fabrics tightly that can prevent dust mites, making them be the ideal solution for allergy suffers. Thanks to the great performance of the microfiber fabrics, they are machine-washable and can be quick-drying. Easy care is one of the most distinguishing features of our products.

Daphne can dye any colors to fit any decor and suit customers' tastes. The microfibre bedding set can also be offered with one PVC bag or gift box.

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