At Daphne, we offer various kinds of smooth and soft kids duvets for children. Paying attention to children's health, we adopt natural and skin-friendly cotton as main materials.

As for the quilt, the entire cotton inside is flat and even, loose and elastic. After long-term use, the quilt is not easily deformed and durable. Warmth retention property makes it more popular in winter. Because the cotton wool will absorb a large amount of heat at day and then the heat is slowly released at night, which makes people feel comfortable. Besides, it does not absorb moisture, dust, and floating materials. It is environmental-friendly and produces no odor. It does not contain any additives or chemical impurities, which is healthy for people. In addition, the fiber inside the products is long and tough. It is not easy to break and won't cause any catkins and discomfort to people. Made of the highest-quality cotton, and then purified by the high-end machine, the products are not easy to produce bacteria. Cotton wool, inner liner, and outer cover are all made of 100% high-grade cotton which will never generate static electricity and does no harm to children.

Daphne offers kids bedding sets with various patterns, colors, and sizes, which can satisfy customers' needs.

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