Daphne has been devoted ourselves to offering various styles of jacquard bedding sets for over 21 years.

We have mastered the advanced techniques of printing and dyeing, making the patterns on the products vivid and clear.  Iacquard comforters have perfect color retention and won't fade after long-time use. The materials for making the jacquard bed linen are woven by the advanced jacquard loom, thus the finished products are more elastic and enjoy higher tenacity compared to the fabrics made by elementary weaves. What's more, the products enjoy high gloss and look luxury in their appearance. They can afford a supreme softness and a smooth feel, as well we offering enhanced air permeability to keep your body temperature well-regulated while sleeping. The fabrics are printed by reactive printing technology, which makes them highly healthy and safe for the human body. They have good hygroscopicity and can prevent the growth of bacteria, mites, and other bugs.

Daphne also provides satin textiles, damask, and brocade, etc to better satisfy customers' needs. The length and thickness of jacquard comforter can all be tailor-made. Using this kind of product adds a lot of luxury and aesthetics to the bedrooms, hotels, or other applied places.

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