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Investment Mobilization Meeting Successfully Held on Jan 15th, 2018


A large investment mobilization meeting has been successfully held on Jan 15th2018 which marked a new upgrade of Daphne Home Decoration and is an important moment in Daphne’s developing progress. 

Modesty, curiousness and spirit of striving are the key points of general manager Mr. Lin’s speech. Meanwhile, he had great hope for this large investment mobilization meeting and he hoped that every trainee can gain something.

We invited Liu Ping, famous lecturer from consulting company to this investment meeting. As the general directer, Liu Ping aroused trainees' passion by her useful marketing skills.

Success is not only the result of individual effort, but also the result of team cooperation. Marketers should constantly learn new things and improve themselves in order to succeed in a fast-changing market. Only the high-efficient execution is the key point of success.

Daphne’s staffs are not afraid of cynicism and they serve every customer with the attitude of profession and concentrate. They are enthusiastic about their career, because a faith has penetrated into their blood.

The mentor’ way of training is unique which is very helpful to improve our service quality. The significance of verbal trick in attracting investment was emphasized.

Each team constantly comprehended and improved during learning and thought about how to make their team keep strong competition attracting more franchisees with their professional knowledge. In the progress of training, everyone is confident and full of passion.

Cohesiveness of Daphne’s team has been strengthened and team awareness has become clearer through those training. Everyone learned lots of things.

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