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How to purchase summer comforter?


It is time to purchase summer comforters. There are many kinds of summer comforters in market. You should pay attention to the following aspects when choosing summer comforters.


1.      Good air permeability
Firstly, the summer comforter must have good air permeability, or it can seriously affect your sleep quality. Many researches show that good bedding products can improve sleep quality by 53 minutes. Additionally, with good moisture absorbing ability, summer comforter can help you expel sweat making you comfortable.



2.      Light but warm
The demand for summer quilts must be as light as nothing! Because of high temperature, our blood flowing fast and metabolism is also fast, if the quilt is too heavy it will compress our body causing discomfort. However, according to traditional Chinese medical science, our hearts should be kept warm in summer.


3.      Easy to clean

Summer quilt is without cover which is easy to get dirty, so whether the quilt is convenient to clean is a one of main concerns. For example, quilts made of lyocell are washable. It is important to see carefully the product maintenance methods.

4.      Soft hand feel
In summer, people like to sleep in few clothes, some even sleep naked. People pay great attention to quilts fabric. It is better to choose natural material or regenerated cellulose fiber because they are skin-friendly and will not cause skin allergies.



5.      Cool color
The color of comforter can affect people’s perceived temperature. High temperature makes people restless. They feel comfortable and emotionally stable in a cool color environment. Blue, purple, pink, etc belong to the cool color.

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