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How Bedding Sets Impact Sleeping Quality


Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most ideal ways to help us stay healthy but many people still struggle to get enough sleep every night. The choice of bed sheets has a significant effect on your quality of sleep and this is the reason why linen fabrics are increasingly becoming a popular choice for bedding in today’s hectic and sleep-deprived world. In this article, Daphne which supplies gloabl customers with impressive bedding sets wholesale, will discuss the impact of bed linens on sleep quality as well as some expert tips on how to choose and store your bed linen.

Most materials used to make bedding sets are treated with harsh additives and chemicals that can cause irritation and other allergic reactions on your skin. Since you spend a substantial amount of time in bed every day, it is important to ensure that your bed is comfortable and safe. Organic linen fabrics are the most preferred especially for people with sensitive skin or eczema since they are made from natural sources, which means that they are free of harmful toxins. Linen fabrics are also known to have special thermal qualities that make them the most preferred choice for bedding. Linen sheets can regulate human body temperatures at both humid and hot nights. In cooler temperatures, linen sheets also keep the body warmer for a more sound and comfortable sleep.

It pays a lot to invest in high-quality, organic bedding sets as this will not only improve the quality of your sleep but you will also have peace of mind knowing that you have durable sheets that can last for many years to come. You can keep washing your bed linen, again and again, to keep them clean and fresh for better sleep. When you clean poor-quality bed sheets in a washing machine, some tiny rough pilings tend to develop on the sheets and this will cause a lot of irritation on the body which means that you will not get a comfortable sleep. Studies show that sleep deprivation has a devastating effect on our mental and physical well-being. Quality bedding is, therefore, necessary for a comfortable and restful sleep. 

  • In most cases when you are unable to sleep properly, the one factor that is responsible for this is poor quality bed sheets. High-quality cotton bed linen is cozy, luxurious and comfortable thus allowing you to sleep more calmly. Luxury bedding sets will help you get better sleep so that you wake up in the morning feeling revitalized, refreshed and ready for the hectic day ahead. 

  • How To Choose And Store Your Bed Linen

  • The fact that we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping means that it is quite sensible to invest in high-quality and comfortable bedding sets that can stand the test of time. However, there are so many options available out there thus choosing the best bedding material can be overwhelming. One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your bed linen is the thread count. While thread count is not necessarily an indication of quality, it plays a vital role in the overall look and feel of your sheets. Bed linen with a higher thread count tends to be stronger, softer and luxurious hence it is more preferred in the hospitality industry.

Another important consideration to make when choosing your bed linen is the weave. How your bed linen is woven has a direct impact on how you feel and the quality of your sleep. Percale linen is tightly woven and lightweight making it extra-soft, water and wrinkle-resistant. For cooler climates, go for the lustrous and ultra-soft sateen and flannel. Sheets play an important role in the overall design of your bedroom hence it is advisable to mix patterns and colors to match your decor.

Bed linen storage can be a headache, especially when dealing with several sheets sets for multiple beds. It is difficult to keep all of them organized even with a linen closet in the house. Storing your bedding sets will be a bigger headache without a linen closet. Even before you start shopping for good storage accessories, it is important to access the volume of bed linen you have then you will be ready to consider the storage options that will keep your sheets organized and neat. Sort your bed linen so that you only have the ones you need to make the storage process less hectic. It is more convenient to store bed sheets where they are used in this case the bedroom.

  • To keep off mildew and mold from your bed linen, it is important to store them in a cool dry place. Cotton bedding bags should keep your bed linen away from dust and humidity while allowing air circulation. They are also a perfect way to store natural fibers like wool. A cotton bedding bag allows you to store multiple pieces including blankets. A trunk can also be used to store bed sheets if you do not have a linen closet. Stuffing your sheets into a linen closet takes up a lot of time besides being unsightly. Valuable time will be taken while trying to search for the sheets you need. 

  • Storage baskets should come in handy since they are an excellent way to organize and store your bed linen. Baskets are specifically convenient since you can label them and separate your bedsheets by room. Some baskets like the lidded wicker baskets allow you to stack your sheets to maximize on vertical space. These baskets are also light in weight enabling you to move from room to room when changing bed sheets. If you have a linen closet with shelves, you can stay more organized by using under shelf baskets. They are easy to install and move and allow you to customize your room as you wish. Under-shelf baskets can also help you make use of that empty space under your closet shelves. 

  • Get in touch with us today for the best supply of high-quality and comfortable bedding sets for homes, hospitality and healthcare industries. Daphne is a Chinese bed linens manufacturer and wholesaler specializing in home textiles. Our bed linens are made from natural products making them healthy and comfortable for a perfect night’s sleep.

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