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Distributors’ Conference of Daphne Held at March 15th


Daphneheld a large distributors' conference at March 15th in national distributors' expectation.  The general manager Mr. Lin, all managers of Daphne and distributors attended this conference. They researched the development trend of home textile in 2018. The professional guide introduced the main brands of Daphne to the distributors. Now Daphne has five brands including Healthy Home Textile, EPOCH Home Collection, Colorlife Home Collection, Luxury Life Style Store and Peter Rabbit. By trying the high-tech bedding products on the spot, distributors knew more about every brand and were full of expectation of Daphne's development.

Special guest Mr. Cai, the Honorary President of Taiwan Business Association introduced five brands of Daphne to the distributors. The vice president of the Group Mr. Lin expressed his sincere thanks for all guests and analyzed the advantages and prospect of "whole industry chain".

The lecturer began with the daily operation of stores and described how to realize the maximization of the stores marketing interests. Distributors master the knack of obtaining high profits in a short time by listening her course.

Then a systematic interpretation of policy and advantages of joining Healthy Home Textile, EPOCH Home Collection and Luxury Life Style Store were made by the managers. They expressed their determination and sincerity to realize this project. Distributors couldn't wait to submit the deposit.

Introducing new products to the distributors.


Introducing the products of Luxury Life Style Store.

The distributors were intersted in this mattress.


Distributors experienced the body fitting mashine.

Dinner was held at Clifford Golden Lake Hotel. Wonderful performances and rich prizes made everyone excited. Everyone toasted the success of the distributors' conference in a resounding cheer.

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