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Daphne’s 2018 Spring-Summer New Products release meeting


         Daphne’s 2018 new products release meeting was held on Oct. 24, 2017. New products of four sub-brands were displayed this time including high-tech customized mattress, luxury beddings, fashionable home decorative accessories, and upgraded healthy home textile products.

General manager Lin Mingqiu explained the direction of Daphne of 2018 for distributors.

Daphne’s purpose is to develop functional home textile products that are good for people’ health. In this meeting, many products made of new kind of fabric with functional additives were displayed. Those spring-summer products not only enrich Daphne’s product catalogue and upgrade the product line, but further promote Daphne’s brand value.

People are the root, service is the method and marketing is the purpose. Old ideas will be eliminated because of the fast changing market, so it is necessary to find new strategies and methods. Professional lecturer explained the products features from all sides and the whole marketing plan of 2018. Those professional courses brought a lot of benefit to the distributors.

2017 is the first brand upgrading year of Daphne. General manager Lin Mingqiu pointed out the idea of developing regional brand. In order to make great advance, Daphne need to break through in terms of products, display, image and publicity. Health is the main purpose that the company pursues in the future.

Key words: new products; 2018; marketing; functional products.

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