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Daphne New Bedding Set Products Have Launched!


Daphne held a new products launch event at October 11th. This new product launch event is themed with new Chinese style, demonstrating a lofty ideal that create market opportunities by new model.

Distributors arrived.

At the event, distributors from all over the country, many insiders and marketing elites of Daphne witnessed the launch of spring and summer 2019 new products. At the same time, the participants had a discussion about the development of home textile industry and how to improve store sales performance.


Wedding section, the distributors were discussing.

Daphne launched more than 50 new products which blend Chinese elegance elements and perfectly show new fashion of modern household life.  

High quality bedding products.

New Chinese style is not only a design style but also a simple life style. It is one of contemporary mainstream household style that abandons needless adornment, notices the beauty of the essence of thing, reveals Chinese elegance and gives people comfortable feeling.


Luxury style bedding set


The design manager analyzed the latest trends of 2019 new products and elaborated the inspiration of new products and the unique upgrade of fabric function, which made distributors amazed and full of praise.

People who were born in the 1980s and 1990s have become the main force of home textile market; they dare to try new things and pay more attention to their inner feelings and experiences. To cater to such a main force of consumption, we need to learn “scene marketing” in new retail mode.

The distributors were ordering new products

In order to make the display of products creative, the exhibition hall was fully upgraded. The exhibition hall was divided into independent areas with distinct style such as “children”, “wedding”, “modern life”, “floral world”, “luxury style”, “summer products” and “mattress”, which gave all distributors immersive scene intuitive feeling.

The salesman was introducing the product to the distributors


Daphne always complies with the development trend of market and bases on consumer demand, aiming at creating comfortable and healthy sleep and improving life quality.


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