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Daphne 2018 New Year Party


We held Chinese New Year Party at Clifford Golden Lake Hotel on March 3, 2018. Hundreds of Daphne’s employees merrily gathered together to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

The president of Taiwan Ton Design Group Mr. Lin Mingxian gave his greeting and best wishes to all employees.

Vice president Mr. Lin Mingqiu approved of Daphne’s performance over the last year in his speech. Meanwhile, he said that 2018 is the year that Daphne will have a new development. Co-development of five sub-brands will improve our core competitiveness. Let’s invest our time and energy in our work and make great achievement in 2018! Then the president, vice president and vice general manager toasted all employees.

As the lights of the stage transformed and the music started to play, the employees cheered. Wonderful programs arranged and performed by our employees excited all audiences. Our employees are not only diligent for work but also versatile. 

Marketing teams successively made a vow on the stage to achieve 2018 performance goals. They shouted the vow and slogan. They showed their determination with full energy and enthusiasm.

We also held a solemn commendation for the employees who work in Daphne for 10 years and invited their families to our enjoyable party in where they could have fun with our employees. Daphne is very grateful to those employees for working hard and grateful to their families for supporting our company.

We had exciting lucky draw except wonderful programs and recognition. Prizes included electric appliances, gold jewelry and so on. Everyone got prizes at the party. 

Daphne 2018 Chinese New Year Party ended up in cheerful laughter. In 2018, Daphne will have a new and rapid development with all employees’ hard work.

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