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China Red Bedding Set


Red is the favorite color of Chinese. It has even become the cultural totem and spiritual conversion of the Chinese people, representing joy, excitement and peace. The history of China since modern times is a history of red, carrying a lot of red memories of Chinese people.

China red is the evolution of the Chinese custom of advocating red. After generations of inheritance, accumulation and deepening, the essence of tradition has gradually evolved into the base color of Chinese culture, symbolizing the enthusiasm, courage and unity of the national character.

Meanwhile, China red, the favorite color that Chinese people used in happy events, means peace, happiness, prosperity, health, longevity, harmony, reunion, and success. Whether in wedding, moving in a new house or Spring Festival, China red is like an irreplaceable communicator of happiness. 

Daphne uses China Red in the bed set products. We weave romantic happiness patterns and spread our cultural symbol of eternal love eternal happiness. Nowadays, adding embroidery on solid color bedding sets is becoming more and more fashionable and popular.

Simple but exclusive, this bedding set is made from 100% cotton 300 thread count. The design is based on water ripple from Chinese traditional culture, emerging classic beauty and bringing good luck. Duvet cover and pillow shams have joint around four sides and are decorated with ribbons.

Sophisticated and delicate embroidery patterns make this bedding set more luxurious. There are dragon and phoenix on the bed and also the traditional phoenix coronet that Chinese woman ware when they get married. The pillow shams are also adorned with embroidery. 

Featuring peach blossom and mandarin ducks, this bedding set is very suitable for a newly married couple. Those Chinese romantic elements have good meanings. Delicate embroidery and exquisite workmanship make this product more upscale. The color of embroidery thread is perfectly matched main base color China Red.

Daphne offers you China Red bedding products and shows you the unique charm of China. Daphne has more than 20 years experience on manufacturing bed linen products, such as comforter, pillows, duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases… We provide OEM and ODM service.

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