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Daphne’s Autumn-Winter new home textile products of 2014 had been initiated


From May 23 to May 26, Daphne’s Autumn-Winter new home textile products of 2014 had been initiated in Foshan, China.

Pragmatic-The origin is Daphne home textile facing with the global economic weakness, home textile consumption by electricity and the national economy, the consumption structure adjustment, Daphne home textile in the first two quarters is still stuttering.

In the charm of the joining trader from all over the country in June, outstanding manager as well as the intention to join the customer all over the country, all participants will feel Daphne products the dizzying array of colorful, fashion, high taste and healthy life, witness the growth of the Daphne home textile brands.

Since 2014, Daphne home textile training victory "For You To Customize” the Spring-Summer activities, not only promote the market sales, but also improve the confidence of attending franchisees, franchisees activity promotion rate than expected. As the end of the activity, new product promotion "Flowers Bloom In The Pinellia" subsequently, the joining trader in accordance with the requirements of the company's unified plan and perfect show the new product and selling point, greatly promoted the people understanding of Daphne home textile. Promote the window redefined, not only bring the store traffic, but also improved the sales rates. These are excellent experience in 2014 in the new order combing communication for everyone.

It is understood that in the Daphne home textile product such as printed bedding sets launch Daphne home textile headquarters carefully for excellent franchisees from all over the country are extraordinary magnificent of projects, including: the new mode of presentation, 2014 Autumn-Winter activity plan and promotion scheme, terminal profit model, and 2 times Daphne culture dinner, then the Daphne family brings a feast to the world.

Daphne home textile 2014 new order as always adhering to the "Glad to Share." corporate philosophy, product positioning, positioning the company travelling with you family relations, further with strong comprehensive strength, and share family culture to interpret Daphne home textile brand connotation, clear in the coming year brand image promotion, product process thinking, etc. Through this meeting let you sense the family Daphne's brand value and wide prospect of home textile market, let us clear to see the future development and definite the blueprint.

Pragmatic-The origin - The power of the brand share and innovation! With pragmatic attitude and sense of responsibility, for now as a starting point; forward, for a better future!

From May 23 to May 26, we had met Daphne and all of the Daphne home textile warmly to us with the presence, shared an event, bursted into a passion, dreamed weavers sailing!

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