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Attention! These Methods Can’t Make the Bedding Sets Clean.


In daily life, there are many ways to clean bedding sets, but some are not what we think, some are wrong.

Question 1: Is the warmer the water, the cleaner the bedding set?

NO! Although it is truth that high temperature can kill bacteria and mites, and bedding sets in hotel and hospital are cleaned by hot water, you need to realize that their bedding sets are white. If you wash your printed bedding set in hot water, discoloration and zipper damage will occur.

Question 2: Is the longer the bedding set soaked, the cleaner it will be?

NO! A lot of people like to soak their bedding sets in water with some detergent for two hours before cleaning. They think this way would soak the dirt out. However, soaking does separate the dirt, but over time the dirt is absorbed back into the fiber and becomes permanent.

Question 3: Does more detergent you put, the cleaner bedding set will be?

NO! Most people agree that it should take more detergent to clean dirty bedding sets. It is extremely wrong. The more detergent you use, the higher alkalinity, which will make bedding faded and fabric become hard. In addition, because of too much detergent, it costs more water to clean and will cause water stain.

Question 4: The longer the cleaning time, the cleaner bedding set will be?

NO! In order to meet people’s pursuit of comfort, blended material or new material are used in bedding products, some of them are not resistant to washing, if cleaning time is long, it will cause pilling because of friction.

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