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A small guide about bed linen


  • The bed should be the most comfortable space in your entire home so that you are assured of a perfect night’s sleep. However, a comfortable bed involves more than just a luxury mattress. Sheets also play a critical role in creating the perfect sleep environment hence you need to choose the best quality sheets that are right for your bed. If you are looking for the best bed linen wholesale, you will need to make an informed purchase decision as there are a variety of options available. Whether you are a traveler or just buying sheets for your bedroom, it is important to ensure that you choose the right bed linen for you or your guests. In this extensive guide, we will highlight everything you need to know about bed linen and how to choose the best type of bed linen to help you when making a purchasing decision.

  • People have often referred to bed sheets as “linen” but the truth is that linen is a type of material that has been trusted for its breathability, durability and comfort. Linen is produced from flax which is derived from the Linum plant’s fiber and is characterized by a soft texture. Whether you choose to buy 100 percent linen or a cotton blend of it, you will still find that the material offers maximum airflow that is similar to a cotton sheet. Bed linen sheets are ideal for any season as they do not hold heat and neither do they disperse it. The material is also convenient for children since it is strong enough to withstand any beating of a child. To understand more about bed linen, we will discuss the following:

  • - Thread counts

  • - Percale Bed Linen

  • - Bed linen measurements

  • - Cotton Vs. polycotton

  • - How to choose colors

  • - Bed linen features

  • - Bed linen wash-care instructions

  • Thread Counts

  • Thread count plays a critical role in the overall quality of bed linen but it works in combination with other factors such as the quality of the fabric. A higher thread count is also associated with a higher price tag. While it is important to consider thread count while purchasing your sheets from bed linen wholesale suppliers, this should not be a key consideration as the quality of fabric maters too. The number of threads that have been woven together per every square inch is what is referred to as thread count. 

    Thread count is determined by counting the linen’s horizontal and vertical threads. For example, if 80 width-wise threads are woven with 100 length-wise threads, then the materials thread count is 180. A higher thread count does not necessarily translate to a higher quality linen but it is more preferred in hotels since it is more luxurious, softer and stronger. Eradaphne Home Decoration a Chinese bedding manufacturing company and a supplier of bedding sets wholesale, offers a variety of luxurious bed linen made from 100 percent fine cotton that gives you a comfy soft finish for B & Bs and boutique hotels.

  • Percale Bed Linen

  • Percale is not a type of bed linen but it is simply a unique type of weave that consists of a tightly woven criss-cross pattern that is mainly used in the production of soft yet durable fabric that is ideal for repeat use. The best quality percale linen has a minimum of at least 180 threads/square inch. Percale linen can be produced from a variety of materials such as 100 percent cotton, polycotton or a blend of other fabric threads.

Bed Linen Measurements

Bed linen from Eradaphne a worldwide bed linen wholesale supplier comes in a variety of fabrics, sizes and style although they are generally the same when compared to other standard bed linen sheets. Cotton tends to shrink more during washing hence we bear this factor in mind in the sizing.

Cotton Vs. Polycotton

Both cotton and polycotton are undoubtedly the most preferred choices amongst B & Bs and hotel owners for various reasons. One is that polycotton which is a a blend of cotton and polyester is an easy-care material  which means that it requires little or no ironing to maintain its crisp finish. Polycotton is also known to be long-lasting as it can withstand repeated use. This makes it a perfect choice for commercial establishments.  However, when compared to cotton, polycotton linen tends to have a rougher feel due to the fact that the fabric contains polyester which is a man-made synthetic fibre. To deal with this, polycotton linen manufactured by Eradaphne consists of combed cotton which helps to maintain the desired easy-care, soft and silky finish. 

Combing makes the yarn more even by removing unwanted fibres from the material resulting in a smooth cloth. On the other hand cotton is preferred due to its luxurious nature. Cotton linen is not combined with any man-made synthetic fibre such as polyester but instead, it is made from a naturally occurring material which makes it an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin. This type of linen does not loose its softness, durability and breathability even after repeated use due to its unique natural properties. Cotton however is known to be a high maintenance fabric in terms of ironing time, washing and drying in comparison to polycotton.


How To Choose Bed Linen Colors

Bed linen is a necessity in bedrooms as besides providing extra comfort, it also serves a decorative purpose. Bed linen from Eradaphne comes in colored, plain or patterned styles depending on individual preferences. Whether you choose the plain or patterned bed linen for your bedrooms, you will need to consider the style that best suits your decor. Plain or white linen is a favorite choice amongst guests and hosts due to its ability to provide a sense of minimalism and freshness that is ideal for bedrooms. Adding cushions, curtains and runners is a great way to liven up white linen.

For those who fancy the more daring styles, patterned and textured bed linen is a great choice. Patterned and textured bed linen can magically transform your rooms when done the right way. Subtle patterns or floral prints are the most preferred alternatives to plain bed linen. Colored bed linen is a trending and incredibly versatile addition to your rooms.


Bed Linen Wash-Care Instructions

Once you purchase bed sheets from Eradaphne bed linen wholesale and are pleased with your choice, it is important to wash them before use to allow natural shrinkage to occur. Their sheets sizes take this natural shrinkage into account so that your sheets can fit well after washing. Before you can begin washing your new bed linen, always read the care instructions on the product to get clarity on washing and ironing requirements as well as the suitability of dry cleaning, tumble drying and the use of bleaching agents. When washing your cottons or polycottons, it is advisable to always use the best suited detergent depending on the type of fabric you are washing.

For all color fabrics, use detergents or washing gels that are specially formulated for colors. When washing pure whites, we recommend the use of powders. To prevent staining patches or colors becoming washed out, avoid optical brighteners. For a more thorough wash do not overload your washing machine when washing bed linen. High washing temperature may result in excessive shrinkage and fabric distortion. Iron your bed linen while it is still slightly damp as this makes ironing easier. Wash your bed linen at least once a week to minimize discoloration to the fabrics and also to ensure a clean bed. Airing the bed frequently allows the bed to aerate and moisture to evaporate.

French Bed Linen

When dealing with French bed linen, avoid detergents or washing gels that contain bleach. This is because bleach destroys linen fibres making them weak and may also affect the color of the linen. Linens naturally need little ironing due to their crimp fibres but for a smooth finish, use a cool or warm iron.

At Eradaphne bedding sets wholesale, you will find a lot of different fabrics, colors and patterns that will match your individual preference hence the different fibres and colors should be treated right. When drying your bed linen sheets after washing, leave them in the dryer at 70 degrees C to 80 degrees C until they are completely dry but do not over-dry as this makes them wrinkled. Once you remove the bed linen sheets from the dryer, fold them immediately and hand press to get rid of excess wrinkles.


Daphne Home Decoration Co. Ltd is a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of quality bed linen that is made for hospitality. This means that the sheets can withstand more rigors and are capable of maintaining their color and quality even after repeated use. Some unique features such as stainless steel poppers enhance the bed linen’s durability and also helps speed up changeovers. Get in touch with Daphne Home Decoration today for the best supply of high-quality and affordable bedding sets wholesale for homes, hospitality and healthcare industries.


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