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About Bedding

1. What are fitted sheets?
Fitted sheets, sometimes called bottom sheets, are the sheets that cover the mattress on a bed. Fitted sheets often have elastic sewn into each one of the four corners to help it stay in place over the mattress. Fitted sheets, like the other components of bedding, are either sold individually, called open stock, or as part of a complete set. A complete sheet set includes the fitted sheet; the flat, or top sheet; and either one pillow case for twin-sized beds, or two for all other sizes.

2. How are the patterns on the bedding?
Most of our duvet cover sets are combined with 2 patterns. The duvet cover does not always have a reversible color scheme, but some bedding designs do. The pattern on the back of the pillowcase will be usually the same as the pattern on the fitted sheet and we call it pattern B. But for few bedding designs, the fitted sheet is made by the pattern A.

In most of case:
Pillowcase: Front-Pattern A, Back-Pattern B.
Duvet cover: Front-Pattern A, Back-Pattern B.
Fitted sheet: usually Pattern B (only few designs are Pattern A)
Flat sheet: usually Pattern A (only few designs are Pattern B)

3. Will the bedding shrink or get wrinkled?
The 100% cotton fabrics would definitely shrink and get wrinkled. To prevent the shrinking problem, the size of each component in the bedding set has been designed a bit larger than the standard size. And “anti-wrinkle” usually means more chemical substances are used during the dying process. In addition, for 100% cotton fabrics, "thicker" means more starch is used to stiffen fabrics and it's definitely not good for your health. If you're looking for hotel-like "thicker" bedding set, you should choose bedding products made of TC (poly / cotton mixed) fabrics instead of 100% cotton fabrics, but some investigations show about 1 / 10 people may have allergy problems when using poly/cotton blended or 100% polyester bedding products. That's why 100% cotton bedding sets are always highly recommended for home use.
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